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A Maturing Wine From Emrich-Schönleber

The Emrich’s have been tending vines and producing wine since the mid 18th century.  Up until the 1960s they also worked with agriculture and livestock.  Starting in 1965 Wilhelm Schönleber focused the estate on the production of wine.  Today they farm 17 hectares of vineyards composed of Monzinger Fruhlingsplatzchen, Monzinger Halenberg, and some others.  The Monzinger vineyards are located in western Nahe at altitudes of 160-250 meters.  The Monzinger Halenberg vineyard faces south on soil of stony blue slate and quartzite with slopes of up to 70%.  The 2002 vintage was an excellent vintage for Emrich-Schonleber for despite the rain, strong winds quickly dried the grapes.  This half-bottle gave the impression of having reached maturity.  Despite the lively, grippy start it lost some steam towards the finish so it might be best to start drinking this now.  This wine was purchased at MacArthur Beverages.


2002 Weingut Emrich-Schönleber, Monzinger Halenberg, Rielsing Auslese, Nahe – $25 (375 mL)
Imported by Chapin Cellars LLC.  Alcohol 9.5%.  The color was a rather light, amber-gold.  The light to medium nose was heavy with some mature aromas and some matchstick.  In the mouth there was a lively start with acidity on the tip of the tongue, fine weight, and grip.  The wine was more mature in the mouth with a hint of mature cider followed by fading flavors and acidity in the finish.  A ripe tropical touch comes out as the impression of softness and a hint of earth comes out.  *** Now-2020.


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