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My First Monster Riesling

This winter I noticed a few older vintages on the shelves at MacArthur Beverages.  This bottle by Weingut Eugen Müller is one of the bottles I grabbed.  The Forster Ungeheuer is an old vineyard dating back to the 15th century.  Upon tasting a wine from this vineyard Otto von Bismarck apparently remarked “This Ungeheuer tastes monstrously good.” It was a tongue in cheek comment as Ungeheuer translates to  monster.  Today it is a 29 hectare vineyard of which Eugen Müller farms 2.5 hectares.  His vines are located in the middle of the slopes where they are protected from wine and ripen earlier.  Terry Theise notes the fruit was selected from a parcel richer in limestone.  According to Stephan Müller of Weingut Eugen Müller the 2005 vintage was a dry year with a good quality smaller crop.  Indeed yields were down 30% over the previous year.

Ungeheuer Vineyard, Image from Weingut Eugen Muller

Ungeheuer Vineyard, Image from Weingut Eugen Muller

I really liked this wine upon tasting my first glass for I was struck by the beautiful mouthfeel.  It took some air and warmth for the nose and flavors to develop.  I got the impression that this wine is approaching its peak of development.  It has many good aspects all around minerals, fruit, mouthfeel, acidity, and length.  If you have been holding on to your bottles why not try one now!  This wine was purchased at MacArthur Beverages.


2005 Weingut Eugen Müller, Forster Ungeheuer, Riesling Spätlese, Pfalz – $25
A Terry Theise Selection imported by Michael Skurnik.  This wine is 100% Riesling which was fermented in stainless steel, aged for three months in wood Halbstück barrels, then racked into stainless steel.  Alcohol 9.5%.  The color was a medium golden-yellow.  The fine nose revealed yellow fruit, wet stone, and some petrol with air.  In the mouth there was weighty yellow fruit with a lovely glycerin feel.  The ripe fruit coats the lips which then takes on spiced notes.  The acidity starts a little fresh with a tickle on the tongue then the flavors become drier in the finish.  There is a long aftertaste which again, has a good mouthfeel.  ***(*) Now-2023.


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