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Wine from The End of the World

Vineyard, Image from Le Bout du Monde

Vineyard, Image from Le Bout du Monde

I have rather enjoyed my Christmas Vacation.  Taking time off from work and writing for the blog gives me more time to read about wine.  And to open up bottles purchased during my New York City trip!  One such bottle is the feature of today’s post.  Domaine Le Bout du Monde originated when Loic Roure showed Edouard Laffitte a sixty year old wine cooperative which he had purchased in Lansac, Cotes du Roussillon.  The timing was fortuitous.  Edouard had been working at Les Vignerons D’Estezargues, near Avignon, and was interested in working with vineyards.  A small group rehabilitated the winery then set about securing vineayrds.  Today they produce wine from six hectares of old vines split over five vineyards.  The vineyards are only plowed and do not receive any chemical treatments.  Six cuvees are produced each reflecting the different terroirs.  Each cuvee is vinified differently but all are naturally made, a practice employed at D’Estezargues.  I rather like the earthy and foxy(good not bad) aromas and flavors of this wine.  I could, perhaps, image that some people may not like this wine but if you enjoy the sort of wines which I recommend then you should definitely grab a few bottles.  It is the sort of wine I really preferred to drink than take notes on.  This wine is available at Chambers Street Wines.


2011 Domaine Le Bout du Monde, Hop’la, Cotes du Roussillon –
Imported by Selection Massale.  This wine is a blend of 40% Syrah, 40% Carignan, and 20% Grenache sourced from vines located on Gneiss.  The fruit was destemmed, underwent full carbonic maceration then was aged in old wooden barrels.  Alcohol 12-14%.  The light+ nose was full of earthy, foxy black fruit.  In the mouth there was acidity driven black and red fruit wihch had some weight.  This initial fruit showed some ripeness.  Then the flavors became drying with a good firm and black fruited aftertaste where the earthy aspect returns as well.  This wine has good personality and should drink well over the short-term.  *** Now-2018.


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