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The Balkan Wine Project: 2011 Agrina, Portuguiser, Fruska Gora, Serbia

The alternative selection of wines at MacArthur Beverages has steadily increased over the past year.  This is represented by an increased diversity from Greece, Switzerland, Georgia, Mexico, Jura, and now the Balkans.  The Balkan Wine Project is an effort by Winebow to import and highlight interesting wines from the Balkans.  This project currently offers selections from Croatia, Republic of Macedonia, and Serbia.  In the future it will expand to include Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Slovenia.  Last December I first tasted a wine from La Francuska Vinarija, Serbia and this summer I attended a comprehensive tasting of Republic of Macedonian wines at the embassy.  This left me curious about the region. When I saw the Balkan Wine Project section at the store I quickly grabbed several different bottles including the one featured in today’s post.

Vineyard at Mackov Podrum, Image from Mackov Podrum

The owners of Mackov Podrum are part of a family that have been producing wine for generations.  The Memijevo vineyard became part of the family in 1926 and today is the location where the Portuguiser fruit for this wine is sourced from.  The vineyards are located on slopes at 280-320 meters on the Fruska Gora mountains.  The Portuguiser based wines were originally harvested in August then drunk in November during the wedding season.  This contemporary version is very much berry fruit driven for current consumption but has a moderate structure that allowed it to drink well un-gassed over two nights.  I certainly recommend you try this wine.  Simply pull the cork and share with friends.  This wine is available at MacArthur Beverages.

2011 Agrina, Mackov Podrum, Portuguiser, Fruska Gora – $13
Imported by Winebow.  This wine is 100% Portuguiser.  Alcohol 13%.  The color is a light+ bright ruby red.  The light nose is incensed with ripe red fruit.  In the mouth there is supple, ripe, red fruit, sweet orange citrus, and powdery black and red fruit in the aftertaste.  The is some initial weight to the wine with ripe, berrylicious flavors, which simplify towards the finish.  In the aftertaste the wine is a little tart with ripe, citric tannins.  ** Now-2014.

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