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Three Red Blends from Washington

The three wines featured in today’s post were all purchased during my last trip to Seattle.  During my previous trips to Seattle I have focused on the international offerings.  But Jenn and I found ourselves craving the wines of Washington so I picked up some affordable red blends.  The wines of Rulo, Domaine Pouillon, and Syncline have all be featured in previous posts.  Of these three the Rulo, Syrca may be drunk now.  Gather your friends so you finish the bottle on the first night when it is forward and lush.  Pure pleasure.  Both the Domaine Pouillon and Syncline require cellar age.  I think the Syncline, Carignan-Grenache will eventually come around so please leave it in the cellar.  The Domaine Pouillon, Pierre is a beautiful, balanced wine.  With a few hours of air you get a good idea of its potential but it I would personally cellar it for several more years.  These wines were purchased at Whole Foods and Wine World & Spirits.

2009 Rulo, Syrca, Walla Walla – $16
This wine is a blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon from Red Mountain and 30% Syrah from Columbia Valley.  The wine was aged for 26 months in 50% new French oak.  Alcohol 14.5%.  The color is a medium purple-ruby.  Tasted over two nights the light notes offers up scented violets with a touch of vanilla.  In the mouth there is ripe fruit with a sweet touch of vanilla.  The wine is creamy in texture with new oak tannins, black fruit, graphite,  and spicy coarse tannins in the finish.  This was best on the first night when it was lush.  On the second night the fruit receded a bit with some tannins and heat poking through.  *** Now-2015.

2008 Domaine Pouillon, Pierre, Horse Heaven Hills – $22
This wine is a blend of 53% Cabernet Sauvignon and 47% Syrah sourced from the McKinley Springs vineyard.  The wine was aged for 13 months in neutral French oak.  Alcohol 14.7%.  Tasted over two nights the light nose remained tight with precise aromas of scented berries and tobacco.  In the mouth the flavors start off red then take on ripe, black fruit.  Again the wine is precise with controlled sweet spices which expand in the mouth as the flavors slowly build and take on drying, chewy tannins which coat the inside of the teeth and lips.  This is well made, finishing up with a little, racy cherry candy, very fine tannins, and fresh, subtle acidity.  *** 2016-2024.

2010 Syncline, Carignan – Grenache, Columbia Valley – $20
This wine is a blend of 64% Carignan and 36% Grenache sourced from McKinley Springs vineyard.  The hand-harvested fruit is destemmed, fermented with selected yeasts in open top fermenters then aged for 11 months in neutral French oak barrels.  Alcohol 14.1%.  Tasted over two nights the light nose remained tight with grapey cherry aromas.  In the mouth the flavors of hard red and black fruit mix with a little juicy acidity.  There are firm notes of graphite (rather fitting) red fruit, integrated tannins, and a little perfume.  The tannins dry the tongue a bit.  This is young and should be cellared.  **(*) 2017-2025.

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