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An Energetic Riesling From Selbach-Oster

The Selbach family has cultivated the vine since the 17th century.  The Oster family ran a cooperage.  Today they run the Weingut Selbach-Oster winery, a negocient firm, and a brokerage agency.  The family owns 20 hectares of vineyards in the middle Mosel.  The fruit is harvested by hand, fermented with indigenous yeasts mainly in old 1,000 liter fuders though some stainless steel tanks are used.  The wines are left on the lees for a month or two following fermentation.  The vineyard at Wehlener Sonnenuhr is located on steep to very steep slopes on soils of blue Devonian slate with a shallow subsoils of decomposed slates and loam.

Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Image by epeigne37 under Creative Commons License (flickr)

I poured my first glass right after opening the bottle and was immediately compelled to drink the wine.  This is a beautiful wine which shows some maturity from the bottle age.  But what captures my attention is the interplay of the acidity and texture which only German wines possess.  I would buy this by the case.  This wine is available at MacArthur Beverages.

2008 Weingut Selbach-Oster, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Riesling Kabinett, Mosel – $16
A Terry Theise Selection imported by Michael Skurnik Wines.  This wine is 100% Riesling.  Alcohol 8.5%.  The color is a light straw with a hint of green.  There is a light to medium nose which precedes the mouth.  In the mouth there is immediate energetic acidity which touches the tongue then enlivens the tip with floral white fruit.  There is some weight at first as the wine takes on a smooth, honied texture, along with some mature flavors which plump up in the mouth.  The mature flavors are replaced by tart fruit in the finish as the wine trims up leaving a long aftertaste of spices, a touch of minerals, and weight.  *** Now-2022.

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