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A Top Tip: Try the 2010 Cantina Nalles Margre, Galea

Here is my tip for the morning, if you want to try a unique wine then taste this cuvee from Cantina Nalles Margre. This cantina was created in 1985 from the union of Cellars Nalles, founded in 1932, and Magre-Niclara, founded in 1954. The winery is a thoroughly modern structure which uses gravity to transport both grapes and juice. They produce wine using fruit sourced from 140 growers who cultivate some 150 hectares of vines. These vineyards are located over a 40 km stretch between Nalles in the north and Magre in the south. The altitudes vary between 200-900 meters. From these diverse sites they produce three different levels of wine: Classic Wines, Crus, and Baron Salvadori. The Galea is a Cru meaning the fruit is sourced from a single vineyard, this one being over 100 years old. Note, the Cantina is located in Alto-Adige which means it is bordered by Austria to the north and Switzerland to the west. As such the majority of the people speak German followed by Italian. This results in the front label carrying the German varietal name Vernatsch and the back carrying the Italian name Schiava.

Vineyard in South Tyrol, Image from Sonia Belviso, Under Creative Commons (flickr)

Both Jenn and I really enjoyed this wine. We do not drink much wine made from Schiava. Not only does this wine offer both a refreshing change in aromas and flavors but they are delivered with good personality. For $11 one really should try this wine. I had difficulty describing the nose so perhaps subsequent bottles must be opened to help form a description. Until then, enjoy my tip for today. This wine is available at MacArthur Beverages.

2010 Cantina Nalles Margre, Galea, Alto Adige Schiava – $11
Imported by the Country Vintner. This wine is 100% Schiava which was aged in big wooden barrels. Alcohol 13%. The color was light to medium garnet. Jenn best described the high-toned nose as “dried mushroom and dried tobacco, but not sweet.” In the mouth there were good fruit flavors which followed the nose. There is both good body and mouthfeel with a balanced amount of acidity. The unique flavors return in the aftertaste. I found a Pilsner note to the slightly tart fruit. With air this wine reveals a large personality along with a gentle, sweet ripeness. *** Now-2014.

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