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Two Good Values from Vouvray

I recently asked Phil for some Chenin Blanc recommendations.  He promptly suggested these two wines which are featured in this post.  I must admit they are quite nice for the price.  Similarities include floral white fruit, ripeness, lively acidity, and minerals.  From there the Monmousseau is a bit more soft and generous with the Margalleau showing rather energetic acidity.  Why not try them both at the same time?  You do not have to worry about finishing the bottles right away for the drink very well over several days in the refrigerator. These wines were purchased at MacArthur Beverages.

2010 Monmousseau, Clos de Vigneau, Vouvray – $15
Imported by Kysela Pere et Fils.  This special cuvee is 100% Chenin Blanc sourced from vines averaging 35 years of age.  Alcohol 12.5% vol.  The color is a light straw-yellow.  The light+ nose reveals melons and dry floral aromas.  In the mouth there are initial ripe flavors which are a touch sweet then tangy acidity kicks it.  The flavors are generously full with a mineral finish.  This tastes young. *** Now-2017.

2010 Domaine du Margalleau, Sec, Vouvray – $14
Imported by DS Trading Company.  This wine is 100% Chenin Blanc sourced from vines on clay-siliceaous soils with flint stones.  It is fermented then aged on the fine lees in stainless steel tanks.  Alcohol 12.5% vol. The color is a light straw-yellow.  The light+ nose reveals floral white fruit with a light ripe texture, and aromas of ripe pear.  In the mouth there is an immediate burst of fruit riding a wave of acidity then a fresh, gentle ripeness.  There is good, not quite creamy, body and acidity on the tip of the tongue.  The flavors are of floral fruit in the middle and stones in the finish.  *** Now-2016.

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