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Tasting Wine During the Power Outage

Friday peaked with a record breaking high temperature of 104 F then it concluded with a derecho which knocked out power for almost two million people. This required some adjustments to my normal tasting routine. Our basement is quite cool though the rest of the house is hot. The wine bottles in the Euro-Cave are cool enough for humidity to condense on the glass. Between those cool bottles and others stacked on the basement floor there is plenty of red wine to taste at the right temperature. Ice is a bit hard to get in our area so we are using it to chill food instead of white wine or rose.

I prefer to drink outside where it is light instead of the dark basement. This creates the problem of the wine warming up rapidly. With my daughter asleep I commandeered her mini pool. I submerged both the bottles and my feet and was actually quite comfortable.

I have still managed to take notes inside the dark house. The LED headlamp and lantern provide plenty of illumination but you cannot tell the color of the wine. It just looks like shiny, dark red liquid! I shall do my best to continue posting this week but do not be surprised if the posts are short and sporadic.

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