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Wine World is now Wine World & Spirits

Privatized liquor sales became legal in Washington State just a few days ago.  I decided to stop by Wine World to take a look at the liquor selection and purchase some wine.  Not surprisingly the store name has changed to Wine World & Liquor.  This reflects the fact that the entire back wall and some additional shelving, is now dedicated to liquor.  We have a pretty thorough selection of international spirits in Washington, DC so I like to check out what is locally distilled.  There appears to be a continuing increase in spirits from Washington and Oregon.  Should I have the money and I time I would certainly taste them but for now I made do with looking at the labels.

I decided to continue my exploration of Spanish wine by picking up a pair from Montsant and grabbing a bottle from Bullas, a region I had never heard of.

  • 2009 Coop Vinicola-Agrana San Isidro, Cepas del Torro, Monastrell, Bulllas
  • 2006 Bodeas Covitoro, Gran Cermeno, Crianza, Toro
  • 2005 Cellers Sant Rafel, Solpost, Montsant
  • 2007 Buil & Gine, 17.XI, Montsant

I was distracted by the Other European section where there is quite a selection of Greek, Georgian, Croatian, and Romanian wines.  Of course I could not resist an Alain Graillot wine from Morocco.  So I ended up with:

  • 2009 Chateau Kefraya, Les Breteches, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
  • 2009 Thalvin, Alain Graillot, Syrocco, Zenata, Syrah, Morocco
  • 2009 Kayra Vintage, Okuzgozu, Single Vineyard, Collectible Series #5, Turkey
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