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The Latest 2010 J.L. Chave, Mon Coeur, Cote du Rhone

In my memory it was quite recently that we first drank the 2009 J.L. Chave, Mon Coeur, Cotes du Rhone.  The 2009 showed a forward and approachable nature combined with the ability to age for a decade.  As I am finding with other 2010 Cotes du Rhones, this wine will really benefit from several years in the cellar.  The components are all there in balance so drink the 2009 while the 2010 ages.  This vintage is $1 more than the previous but it is a serious wine to lay down.  This wine is currently available at MacArthur Beverages.

2010 J.L. Chave Selection, Mon Coeur, Cotes du Rhone – $19
Imported by Erin Cannon Imports.  This is a blend of Syrah and Grenache sourced from parcels in Cotes du Rhone Villages.  The nose reveals perfumed floral fruit.  The mouth follows the nose but adds a little earthy component.  The flavors develop into mixed fruit-cocktail with drying not-quite-chunky tannins.  In the finish there is blacker fruit with a touch of spicy nature.  This is a nice youthful wine that should be cellared for several years.  **(*) 2017-2022.

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