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The 2012 Robert Kacher Spring Portfolio Tasting: Alsace

From the Alsatian part of the portfolio we tasted through the wines of Domaine Mure and Domaine Ehrhart.  Between these two estates fifteen wines were poured representing sparkling Crement d’Alsace, still wines made from Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Auxerrois, Gewurztraminer, and Riesling, and two late-harvest offerings of Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive and Selection de Grains Nobles.  That is quite a variety!

Domaine Mure

Of these wines I particularly enjoyed the two Rieslings along with the Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive.  For those who want a big Gewurztraminer experience give the Selection a try.

NV Mure, Crement d’Alsace, Brut
There was a bit of rich botrytis to the nose.  In the mouth the interesting fruit came forward on explosive bubbles that popped into softness.

2010 Mure, Pinot Blanc, Signature
There was a good textured nose of floral white fruit.  In the mouth there were ripe apples with a touch of sweet spice before the tart finish.  There was a round quality in the cheeks.

2009 Mure, Riesling, Grand Cru Vorbourg
The nose was subtle with grainy aromas.  In the mouth there was laser-beam precise fruit powered by acidity.  The particular flavors were supported by ample acidity before the good aftertaste of tart and textured apples.  Nice.

2009 Mure, Riesling, Clos St Landelin
This had a subtle though more lifted nose of crunchy aromas.  In the mouth the flavors were spritely on the tongue with a touch of petrol then apple with plenty of focus and power.  There were even some drying tannins.  Nice.

2010 Mure, Pinot Gris, Signature
This was smoother in the mouth with less acidity than the Rieslings.  There was good perfumed fruit in the finish and aftertaste.

2010 Mure, Gewurztraminer, Signature
There was a lovely floral and fruity nose, very Gewurztraminer.  In the mouth the flavors were textured and combined with more residual sugar.  Showing more acidity than the previous Pinot Gris there was ample floral, sweet fruit, and a long aftertaste.

2007 Mure, Gewurztraminer, Clos St Landelin, Vendange Tardive
This was light-yellow in the glass.  In the mouth it was succulent with lightly racy, yellow fruit and a sweet, oily (nut-oil) texture.

Domaine Ehrhart (Domaine St Remy in Europe)

Of these wines I enjoyed the last five offerings (though the Crement d’Alsace was a strong start).  The two wines from Herrenweg showed good texture, the Pinot Gris Im Berg had a nice oily feel, and Selection de Grains Nobles was all around lovely.  If I generalized a description of these wines I would say they had an approachfulness which makes them very easy to taste (or drink for those at home).

NV Ehrhart, Crement d’Alsace
This wine is 100% Chardonnay produced by Methode Traditionnelle.  The nose was a little yeasty.  In the mouth there was ripe fruit with good explosive, lively bubbles, and a touch of racy flavor.

2010 Ehrhart, Pinot Auxerrois, Val St Gregoire
There was a focused, textured nose.  This wine was easy gong in terms of fruit and acidity, with a cool chewy quality, and some sweet spice.

2010 Ehrhart, Riesling, Vieilles Vignes
The nose bore tropical fruit.  In the mouth it was laid back, easy to drink, with dry sweet tannins, and a touch of watering acidity in the aftertaste.

2010 Ehrhart, Riesling, Herrenweg
There was a nose of stones. In the mouth the flavors were fine and textured, a bit sweet, with a touch of petrol-like fruit.  The yellow fruit was racy and good to swish around the mouth.

2010 Ehrhart, Riesling, Grand Cru Hengst
This wine is 100% Riesling sourced from higher and deep soils at 250-280 meters.  There was good depth in the mouth, complex flavors, good acidity, balance, and a racy personality.  Nice, should age well.

2010 Ehrhart, Pinot Gris, Im Berg
This had restrainted ripe fruit tilting towards tart-white.  The acidity was supporting with a nice mouthfeel, oily, and lovely.

2010 Ehrhart, Gewurztraminer, Herrenweg
The fruit in the nose steps out with stone aromas.  In the mouth there was sweet residual sugar with perfumed, oily fruit, good balance between mouthfeel and acidity, along with lots of texture.

2005 Ehrhart, Gewurztraminer, Selection de Grains Nobles
This is produced only ever 5-10 years from the lieu-dit “Markon.” (sp?)  This was tropical, racy and lithe with a familiar perfume, beautiful texture, dense, complex and ripe.  The long finish left flavors of orange and rose blossom.  Lovely and a special treat to taste.

The Author and Corinne Ehrhart

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