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Frothy and Floral Single-Vineyard Prosecco

Vineyards at Cartizze, Prosecco, Image from sandro vitiello (flickr)

Recommended by Tim as an excellent single-vineyard Prosecco both Jenn and I were immediately pleased by our first glass.  Jenn even remarked that this might be her bubbly selection for the summer.  Prosecco is a different type of wine in that it is fermented entirely in stainless steel tank before transferring to the bottles after the bubbles have been produced.  This results in a wine with a relatively low alcohol, this bottle lists 11.5%.  This wine from Bortolomiol  is produced from parcels located on the hill of Cartizze which is considered to produce the best Prosecco.  If you are looking for an aromatic wine with sweet floral notes and frothy feel then grab a few bottles of this selection.  With its low alcohol you may readily drink a few glasses and feel refreshed.  This is currently available at MacArthur Beverages.

NV Bortolomiol, Superiore di Cartizze, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOC – $19
Imported by Dreyfus Ashby.  This wine is 100% Glera sourced from parcels on the hill of Cartizze within the municipality of Valdobbiadene.  It is a light yellow color in the glass.  The nose reveals ample sweet floral aromas.  In the mouth the frothy white fruit mixed with berries and floral notes.  There are very fine froth bubbles with flavors of rose then spices, a little tang, and sweet notes in the aftertaste.  On subsequent nights the changed from frothy to delicate with a round start, hints of apple flavors, a touch of residual sugar and floral notes in the middle.  Drinking fabulously right now.  *** Now.

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