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The Young 2008 Tenuta Luisa, Friulano

I was about to purchase my cart of wines, which included the 2009 Tenuta Luisa, Cabernet Franc when Tim recommended that I try the Friulano.  Purchase a white wine I knew nothing about that was a year older than the red wine I knew nothing about?  Sure, why not!? In the end I was completely surprised by the wine.  It took some time to open up but it eventually revealed nutty and woodsy flavors balanced by a creamy mouthfeel and acidity.  I have no experienc with this wine so I cannot state if this is a typical varietal style.  However, if that profile sounds appealing to you then this closeout is a strong value.  It is currently available at MacAthur Beverages.

2008 Tenuta Luisa, Friulano, Isonzo del Friuli DOC – $11
Imported by Vias Imports.  This wine is 100% Tocai Friulano sourced from vineyards on plains at an altitude of 90 feet.  The fruit was fermented in stainless steel vats then aged for six months on the lees.  Drunk over three nights this wine took time to open up.  This wine is medium bodied with light-red grapefruit flavors followed by a woodsy note and a creamy mouthfeel in the middle.  There is plenty of precise acidity with a touch of nuts and a bit of ripe fruit on the tongue in the aftertaste.  This actually tastes young and in need of development.  While a complete guess I wouldn’t be surprised to see this improve along with the score.  ** 2015-2017.

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