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Another Vintage, the 2003 Ogier, La Rosine

Last month we tried the 1999 Michel Ogier, La Rosine and found it to be quite enjoyable.  Curious to try another vintage I pulled the cork on the 2003 just a few weeks later.  While the nose was enjoyable the flavors were not so much, in fact we did not finish the bottle.  To be doubly sure we opened another bottle of the 1999 and concluded that it was much better.  If you have the 2003 in your cellar than drink it up.  Otherwise search for the 1999 over the 2003 of La Rosine.

2003 Domaine Michel Ogier, La Rosine, VdP des Collines Rhodaniennes
Imported by Robert Kacher.  There was a light nose of cedar and soft, maturing red fruit.  In the mouth the tart red fruit was lively with acidity, just a hint of ripeness, and spice.  The nose was enjoyable but with a small amount of air the initial mouth flavors were almost cracking up and become unbalanced.  Drink now.

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