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2008 Fatalone, Teres, Primitivo

I randomly grabbed this bottle of wine off the shelves at MacArthurs.  Phil, Tim, and John were all quite excited and enthusiastic that I should try the bottle.  With the knowledge that it was a bit “funky” I pulled the cork and poured glasses for both Jenn and myself.  The wine immediately revealed strong aromas causing Jenn to instantaneously exclaim, “Salami!”  While that may sound off-putting, it really is an excellent wine at an excellent price.  We thoroughly enjoyed the entire bottle and I highly recommend you pick up a bottle this weekend.

Primitivo Vineyard, Image from Masseria Fatalone

The Nicola family have been located in the Gioia del Colle area since the 18th century.  The family was involved with vines and wines for generations.  After the marriage of Rosa Orfino and Filippo Petrera the frst Fatalone wine was produced in 1988.  The winery is named after Filippo Petrera’s nickname of Il Fatalone or “Lady Killer.”  The winery has always produced organic Gioia del Colle DOC Primitivo wines.  The vineyards are located on the Murgian hills where the soils are a mixture of rocky, clay and limestone, rich in minerals and contain marine fossils.  The modern winery also employs the unique technique of, “the application of music therapy” in the form of “soft new age and classic music enriched with the sounds of Nature.”  The thought is that “those soft vibrations improve the activity of the micro flora.”

2008 Masseria Fatalone, Teres, Primitivo, Puglia – $14
Imported by Williams Corner Wine.  This wine is 100% Primitivo sourced from an organic vineyard planted in 1990.  The vineyard is located on the Murgian hills within the territory of Gioia del Colle at an altitude of 365 meters.  The fruit is fermented with indigenous yeasts using temperature control, no maloactic fermentation, followed by 12 months of aging in stainless steel tanks.  This wine is intended to be drunk at cooler temperatures during the summer.  The wine is a light garnet color.  The medium-strength nose is rich with aromas of sweet cherry and salami.  In the mouth there are mouthfilling, rich flavors of nuts and cherries, in an old-school style.  There is sweet evergreen ripeness that things out a bit midpalate before expanding with nutty flavors in the finish.  Unique!  The light color certainly belies the personality and alcohol content.  Now-2015.

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