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Leighton House Selections

Jenn and I lived in Laurel, Maryland during her Law School years.  We continued to drink wine but our selections were rather meager.  Jenn’s student loans rapidly lost pace against the large annual tuition increases, I was pursuing a second Masters Degree, and working full-time to support us.  As a result our daily wine consisted of only the finest bottles we could buy between $4-$7 at Fine Wine in Laurel.  After finishing our degrees and getting married we purchased a house in Silver Spring.  Having a proper basement to store our wine, being in closer proximity to the Washington, DC wine stores, and having a new friend who worked at Bacchus Importers marked a turn in our wine drinking.

07 November 2005

 Dear X,

Welcome to the Leighton House Selections’ monthly wine program.  You have been enrolled at the $50 per month membership level.  Your membership is valid for three months.  The last month you will receive wine is January 2006, unless you extend your subscription.  You may extend or upgrade your membership at any point.

The Monthly Program

Leighton House Selections is a collaboration between Aaron and Jenn.  Each month we select our favorite wines for your enjoyment.  It is an excellent way to sample wines from around the world.  Selections can include hard to find wineries from South Africa, older vintages from Australia, to the hottest Spanish wines available in DC.

Membership Benefits

Each month we will select two to four bottles of wine for you.  Along with your monthly selection of wines, you will receive detailed tasting notes and background information about the winery.  In addition you will receive access to personal wine buying services where we purchase the wines you need for gifts, celebrations, and holidays.

If you have any additional questions please contact Aaron or Jenn at (XXX) XXX-XXXX or info@leightonhouseselections.com.

Very best regards,

 Aaron and Jenn

Excited to share the bottles of wine we discovered (and ride the Aussie wave) with our friends we created our own wine club.  Leighton House Selections made its debut in November 2005 and lasted for almost two years.  Each month we provided a selection of affordable wines and tasting sheets.

Tasting Notes

During that period we drank a diverse amount of wine and took short notes on all of the wines.  Wines which were potential candidates for a month’s selection would then be retasted using a tasting sheet.  Even Jenn wrote tasting notes and we both assigned points!  I would then produce an information sheet for each monthly selection.  The bottles and boxes would be adorned with a sticker.

Stickers with Logo

With a constant queue of partially drunk bottles in the kitchen we became increasingly curious to expand what we drank.  I started to shop regularly at MacArthurs with additional trips to Calvert Woodley, Circle Wine, Schneider’s, and Wide World of Wines. Our last monthly selection was handed out during May 2007.  With Jenn pregnant my wine related priorities shifted.  Captivated by Southern Rhone wines I wanted to lay down cases of young and aged wines to drink with Jenn in the future.

Information Sheets

Here are links to the tasting notes from the first four months of Leighton House Selections.  I will periodically publish notes from the remaining months and eventually publish short notes from the myriad of bottles of which we tasted.  I always find it great fun to read about my wine drinking history and hope you do to.

Selections for November 2005
Selections for December 2005
Selections for January 2006
Selections for February 2006

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