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Happy New Years Eve!!!

Almost nine months ago I created this blog and published my first post describing my introduction to wine tasting at Bristol University.  Since then I have published over 400 posts and even persuaded my sister-in-law Julie to post about Swiss wines.  While these posts primarily discuss contemporary wine notes I have also included old tasting notes from the past two decades, posts about the history of wine, and my personal history with wine.  According to WordPress statistics my site visits have increased from approximately 600 in the first month to approximately 3,500 per month.  The World Flag Counter reports these visits encompass 108 different countries!  While I receive constant hits due to Google searches I believe the growth is primarily attributed to the use of Twitter and Facebook.  When the blog approached its sixth month I hired Madd Design to create a new look.  Energized by my new logo I continued posting at the rate of six days per week.

Jenn and Aaron

It is exciting that family and friends read this blog along with people in the wine business and other enthusiasts.  None of this would be possible without the support I receive.  I must thank Shane for sourcing single bottles of wine, Phil for constantly bringing in new wines at the store and checking my German spelling, for my mom who has given me  many books for research, Lou for sharing fabulous bottles and his willingness to constantly taste wine, and finally to Jenn whose idea it was to create this blog.  For every wine I write about Jenn was at my side tasting it as well, listening to my description and offering her own impressions.  And to the littlest expert that I know, my daughter Lorelei, who sometimes puts up with my requests to smell a glass of wine and provide a comment.

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