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Hamburger, Fries, and Wine!

My daughter loves to watch ballet so she was quite excited to visit Degas’s Dancers at the Barre exhibition which is entering its final week at The Phillips Collection.  Ever curious to know what she is going to eat next we mentioned visiting the Shake Shack.  In between looking at a few pictures and watching clips from Swan Lake she kept asking for her shake.  We made sure to be at the restaurant entrance a few minutes before they opened and found several other people waiting as well.

Discovering that Shake Shack has its own label of wine produced by Frogs Leap Winery I knew I just had to try it with my lunch.  I eventually decided that a half bottle of wine was not required for my 11am lunch so I settled on an $8 glass of the Cabernet Franc.  Wine is served in the unbreakable, reusable or recyclable, govino glasses.  The glass worked out well, it allows you to smell and savor the wine instead of just chugging it.  And there is a convenient finger dimple so you can maintain your grip when your fingers are covered in cheese sauce.  The wine was a bit warm so I added an ice cube which really helped balance it out.  It is a fairly robust wine that stood up to my cheeseburger, fries, hotdog, and condiments.  We all walked away pleased, wishing that a branch would open in our neighborhood.

2008 Shake Shack, Cabernet Franc, Napa Valley
Produced by Frogs Leap Winery.  This wine has a nose of ripe fruits along with wood notes.  In the mouth there are robust black berries which turn high-toned and tart midpalate.  Notes of cocoa and stones mix with medium tannins and steely stones in the aftertaste.

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