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Wines From the Old Region of Sicily and the New Region of Lazio

Both of these Italian wines were recommended to me.  We have enjoyed several Nerello Mascalese wines from Tenuta delle Terre Nerre and Cottanera produced from vines on Mount Etna.  So I was particularly excited to try a bottle produced on the Aeolian island of Salina.  This was our first time drinking a wine made from Petit Manseng so we pulled the cork of the Casale del Giglio without any preformed ideas. We enjoyed both of these wines and I recommend you try both of them.  The Casale del Giglio is drinking well right now but the Cantine Colosi needs a few hours of air or a year in the cellar.  The Azienda Agricla Casale del Giglio is imported by Siema LLC and available for $16.99 at MacArthurs.  The Cantine Colosi is imported by Vias Imports and available for $16.99 at Soul Wine.  I also recommend that you check out both the estate and importer websites.

2010 Azienda Agricola Casale del Giglio, Petit Manseng, Lazio
The Santarelli family have been involved in the wine business for the last century.  After opening a bottling center in 1955 they purchased the Casale del Giglio property in 1968.  The property is located in the Agro Pontino in the Lazio region. Lazio is an administrative region of Italy located in the central-west portion which includes Rome. The Agro Pontino or Pontine Marshes are former marshlands located 30 miles away from Rome.  There were constant attempts to drain and manage the marshlands but it was not until repeated outbreaks of Malaria in Rome that they were mostly drained in the 1930s.  As wine had never been produced here before so the estate begin a series of experiments in 1985.  They studied both Italian and international varietals along with production techniques.  This wine is one result.  Petit Manseng is a Basque varietal typically used in the wines of Juracon of the western French Pyrennes. ** Now-2013.

Azienda, Image from Casale del Giglio

This wine is 100% Petit Manseng that was de-stemmed with fermentation started by indigenous yeasts followed by added yeasts 24 hours later.  It was aged for several months on the lees.  This is a pale straw color.  The nose is a touch floral.    In the mouth there are rich white fruits with a creamy mouthfeel.  The fruit starts off a bit ripe mixed with dusty stone flavors before the wine firms up.  There is a persistent almond-like flavor in the aftertaste which is supported by acidity.

2009 Cantine Colosi, Nerello Mascalese, Sicilia
This estate has been producing wine for three generations.  Today Piero Colosi runs the estate where he produces wine from 10 hectares of vineyards located on the Aeolian island of Salina.  This wine is 100% Nerello Mascalese source from vineyards at 750 feet of elevations on soils of medium texture and clay.  The grapes are fermented and aged in stainless steel.  This wine is a red color with a hint of garnet.  The light to medium strength nose contains muted aromas of red cherry.  In the mouth there are cherry flavors with some dark red fruit that then tilt towards tart red fruit as the acidity comes out.  The wine is spritely on the tongue before it puts on a little weight.  With air there are some notes of black tea and tobacco before the flavors turn gravelly in texture.  I would give this another year of aging so that it will open up. ** 2013-2015.

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