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Sancerre and Sudburgenland from Weygandt Wines

These two wines are imported by Peter Weygandt and available for purchase at Weygandt Wines.  The Gerard & Pierre Morin cost $25 and the Uwe Schiefer cost $23.  Of these two wines I preferred the Schiefer.  It is an interesting and well-made wine that I recommend you try.

Eisenberg Vineyards, Imgae from gerri_wien7 (flickr)

The fruit for Uwe Schiefer’s wine is sourced from the Einsenberg  vineyards.  Located halfway down the eastern portion of Sudburgenland, these vineyards are located on bedrock that rises over 400 meters in elevation.  The soils are generally schiste and slate with the upper vineyards containing more limestone and the lower vineyards more sand.  This area has a long history of prestigious vineyards dating back to the 14th century.

2009 Uwe Schiefer, Blaufrankisch, Eisenberg, Sudburgenland
This wine is made from Blaufrankisch that was sourced from 5 hectares of vineyards worked by Uwe.  He is changing all of his vineyards to biodynamic. This wine has a nose of red candy with ample amounts of white pepper.  In the mouth it starts with leaner red fruit and ample acidity which is followed by whiter pepper and an aftertaste with spice.  Jenn found “raspberry candy” flavors that were very pure and “overt.”  There was also notes of enjoyable red grapefruit. *** Now-2015.

2009 Gerard & Pierre Morin, Sancerre
In the mouth the cherry fruit is fresh with lively acidity that moves from the sides of the mouth to the tip of the tongue before one salivates.  This light to medium bodied wine has firm tannins, hints of tobacco, and a steely personality.  It takes like a cooler climate with, perhaps, a touch of greenness. * Now.

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