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2010 Arianna Occhipinti, SP68, Sicily IGT

After drinking a bottle of the lovely 2009 Arianna Occhipinti, SP68 I returned to MacArthurs to purchase more.  Unfortunately I was not too surprised to find they were sold out as her Il Frappato had sold out quickly.  Phil quickly fired off a few emails and ordered this current release.  This was ultimately a bit disappointing after the 2009.  It lacked the aromatic intensity and complexity of flavors.  I do think it will get better with some age so if you do buy a bottle cellar it for a year or if you must drink it now, give it 2-3 hours of air before trying.  What I do recommend is searching out the 2009 vintage.  This wine is imported by Louis/Dressner Selections and available at MacArthurs for $23.

2010 Arianna Occhipinti, SP68, Sicily IGT
After an hour a muted nose reminiscent of the 2009 finally developed but took close to three hours to fully open up.  The initial palate follows the nose with tart, cherry flavors, Frappato, and sweet raspberry.  It is not revealing much at this point and I suspect will not reach the level of the previous vintage. ** 2013-2015.

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