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Kabinett from Franken and Mosel

You do not see too many Franken wines at MacArthurs.   I drank my fair share of Franken Riesling and Sylvaner during my visits to Frankfurt back in my university days. While I have been itching to drink some Franken Riesling I quickly grabbed this Scheurebe when I saw the ubiquitous bocksbeutel.  The bocksbeutel is a flattened bottle that has been used for Franken wine since the 18th century.

Iphofen Vineyard, Image by fotoernst (flickr)

These two bottles were purchased at MacArthurs.  The Weingut Reuscher-Haart is a Terry Theise/Michael Skurnik Wine available for $17.  The Weingut Hans Wirsching is imported by Rudi Wiest and available for $20. The Weingut Reuscher-Haart was leftover from our Gold Cup party. It is a solid value that held up well over several days.  The Weingut Hans Wirsching is not to be messed with!  Scheurebe makes for intense wines and I suspect this bottle could hold up to many different dishes.  I do not have enough experience to know if this is a particularly good Scheurebe or example of Franken Scheurebe but if you have never had either, then I recommend you try a bottle.

2007 Weingut Reuscher-Haart, Piesporter Goldtropfchen, Riesling Kabinett, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer
On the third night this wine was straw in color.  The fruit is delivered as a rich burst in the mouth with flavors of sweet, yellow peach balanced by fresh acidity.  The flavors become cool and almost creamy in the mouth.  There are enjoyable, sweet spices in the finish. Finished with a glass stopper and at 8.5% ABV. *** Now-2017.

2010 Weingut Hans Wirsching, Iphofer Kronsberg, Scheurebe Kabinett Trocken, Franken
This was a pale straw color in the glass.  The medium-strength nose pierces through with aromas of dry herbs and minerals.  In the mouth, the lighter white fruit attacks the tip of the tongue with acidity, citrus flavors, minerals, and a touch of spice as it warms up.  The finish puckers the mouth making for bracing stuff!  Finished with a screwcap and at 12% ABV. ** Now-2017.

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