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Grape Stomp at Sugarloaf Mountain Winery

The Original Vineyard

This weekend we hung out at the 5th annual Grape Stomp at the Sugarloaf Mountain Winery.  Located at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain the Windmill Farm has been owned by the O’Donoghue family since 1962.  In 2002 they started the vineyard and have been producing wine since the winery was completed in 2005.  The father of Lorelei’s friend Catherine happens to be an O’Donoghue.  When we received the invitation to attend the Stomp we jumped at the opportunity.  With bright sun and temperatures in the upper 70s we had a lovely afternoon.

Grape StompTasting Tent

The festival was located behind the vineyards on the estate grounds.  There were several food tents, live music, a tasting tent, and most importantly a moon bounce for the kids.  While Lorelei was off moon-bouncing I quickly tasted through a selection of the wines.  The tastes were small thus left only a brief impression of the Bordeaux blends being the most interesting and showing less vegetable character.  With that in mind I purchased a bottle of the recently released EVOE! to share with the others.

Tasting Tent

The red wines at the festival ran from just under $20 per bottle up to $42 for the EVOE!.  I thought the EVOE! was a good step up from the Comus and Jenn felt that it was an easily drinkable bottle.  It would be a fun bottle to open blind for visiting friends but the price is somewhat dear.  Dan remarked that he has very much enjoyed the Comus Reserve in the past.  We will certainly take the time to visit the winery to taste the Comus Reserve.  Benoit Pineau joined the winery in January 2011 as the new winemaker.  I am curious to try future vintages!

2008 Sugarloaf Mountain Winery, Evoe!, Maryland
This wine is a blend of 43% Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Merlot, 19% Petit Verdot,6% Cabernet Franc, and 4% Malbec that was aged in French oak barrels for two years.  The ruby core is surrounded by garnet.  The initial ripe fruit is of tart red currant with a good mouthfeel.  There is the slightest bit of sweet spice before a subtle inky note develops and the wine takes on texture.  The aftertaste features dark toast notes and some salivating acidity as the flavors linger about the mouth.  The overall impression is of a compact wine that will develop for a few years.  This last glass easily survived overnight in an ungassed bottle.  Not Rated.

Chilled Wines

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