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Some Pictures From Seattle and the 2008 Bench Mark, Cabernet Sauvignon

My plan for dinner was to walk The Local Vine located in Capitol Hill on 12th Street between Madison and Pine.  As I walked up Union Street I was reminded how gritty this part of Capitol Hill is with its mixture of turn of the century warehouses just one block from the popular Pike Street.  A friend once lived in this area, in an old warehouse filled with junk including a mid-century dust-covered Mercedes.  12th Avenue is flanked by new buildings that contain The Local Vine, Barrio, Tavern Law, La Spiga, and oh yes, Maserati.  This is the transition line from Capitol Hill to First Hill.

Front of Apartments Built in 1900

Back of Apartments Built in 1900

Brick Warehouse

There were only three or four customers at The Local Vine so I opted to walk some more so I could dine at Quinn’s Pub.  I ate fish & chips which I washed down with an Oktoberfest beer. On my way down Pike Street I walked past Sun Liquor Distillery.

Sun Liquor Distillery

Turning right on to Melrose Street the Melrose Market is immediatrely visible, sitting just past Rain Shadow Meats.  It is a converted warehouse space with a butcher, cheesemonger, wine store and bar, florist, and the Sitka & Spruce restaurant in the back.  The restaurant was crowded, a few people milled about the marker, and two friends drank wine at the bar.  I checked out the store side of Bar Ferd’nand and found some interesting selection from Willi Schaeffer and other producers imported by Kermit Lynch and Peter Weygandt.  An example is the 2008 Domaine Faury, Saint Joseph Vieilles Vignes which will set you back $37.  The 2007 Morgues du Gres, Capitalles du Mourgues was also on hand.  The wine bar, strange enough, was selling 2002 Domaine Usseglio, Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc.  It was not specified whether it was Pierre or Raymond.  Now 2002 is not a good vintage, I once drank a sale priced 2002 Domaine Janasse, Chateuneuf du Pape and felt it was boring and over priced at $15.  In any event, I looked around some more and took a few pictures.

The Melrose Market

Inside the Market

Bar Ferd'nand

As you leave the market you cannot help but notice the black four-square house that looks down upon you.  I want to go inside there!


Being a big fan of Baer Winery I decided to try a $20 bottle of wine produced by the Good Taste Wine Co the I had purchased at Whole Foods.  Leroy Radford is the wine-maker at Baer Winery and also has other projects including this one where he is co-president along with Jocelyn Ungar.

2008 Good Taste Wine Co., Bench Mark, Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington
This wine is 92% Cabernet Sauvignon and 8% Merlot.  This medium+ bodied wine has ripe red fruit, that has a powdery texture to it.  Though this wine is quite easy to drink, there is a sense of depth to the fruit.  Barrels notes mix with balanced acidity and tannins.  I suspect this will develop with air so I will update my tasting note tonight. **(*) Now-2015.

  1. Julia
    September 28, 2011 at 11:22 am

    I love Melrose Market. My office used to be within walking distance. Just FYI – this is rendering funny on my yahoo email. It chops off words on the right side. Looks fine on your site

  2. September 28, 2011 at 11:56 am

    Julia, the market looks great and smells great. I love how Seattle is full of places that intersect food, drink, and old architecture.

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