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Crozes-Hermitage From Domaine Les Bruyeres and Domaine du Colombier

Washington, D.C. is a great city to buy wine.  There is a never-ending supply of new and old vintages at all price ranges in many of the wine stores.  The wealth of importers maintain a continual flow of interesting wines from all over the world.  This has enabled a great introduction to the 2009 Northern Rhone vintage by drinking the wines of Crozes-Hermitage.  The first 2009 Crozes-Hermitage that I drank was the 2009 Domaine Les Bruyeres, Cuvee Georges Reynaud which was excellent. With prices ranging from $17-$32 there is good 2009 Crozes for everyone to drink.  My one sober feeling is that the 2009 vintage appears so strong in the Northern Rhone that I hope I can afford to drink bottles from outside Crozes-Hermitage.

Route de Crozes, Image by Le Vin Parfait (flickr)

Over the past week we have drunk these two old-vine cuvees.  These wines were purchased from MacArthur’s.  The Colombier is imported by Kysela Pere et Fils and was purchased for $28.  The Bruyeres is imported by Elite Wines and was purchased for $32.  At this point in time I prefer the Colombier, with one hour of air it was such a pleasure to drink with more depth of flavor.  The Bruyeres was excellent as well but requires aging and I am not sure it has the same amount of potential.  While I recommend both wines, I give a nod to the Colombier because it is more complex and lower priced.

2009 Domaine du Colombier, Cuvee Gaby, Crozes-Hermitage
This is 100% Syrah sourced from old parcels.  This wine has a delicate, earthy nose with Jenn finding notes of tobacco and good, new tire scent.  This wine changed dramatically during the first hour.  Once open there were savory red fruit, racy/inky purple flavors, and dry herbs that rocket through the mouth.  There are grapey tannins in the finish and hard purple flavors in the aftertaste.  This is a youthful, concentrated wine that will surely age but is such a pleasure to drink right now. **** Now-2022.

2009 Domaine Les Bruyeres, Les Croix Vieilles Vignes, Crozes-Hermitage
This wine is 100% Syrah sourced from 55-year-old vines.  It was aged for 12 month in barrel.  A lovely, medium strength nose.  In the mouth this youthful, textured wine contains ample fruit and spice.  The fresh fruit is grapey with pepper notes and spice on the back-end.  The light amount of very fine tannins, coat and dry in the aftertaste as they build up in the mouth.  This is well-balanced for aging. ***(*) Now-2022.

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