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Tasting a Few Wines While Checking Out Lou’s Expansion

The Future Wine Cellar

Last month workers cleanly demolished a corner of Lou’s house to start on a kitchen, dining room, and wine cellar expansion.  The wine cellar will be located in the newly expanded basement.  It will feature massive amounts of insulation, a split cooling system, LED lighting, and allow for the storage of several thousand bottles.  Lou has sent me some pictures over the last few weeks so when our schedules aligned yesterday afternoon I jumped at a chance to take a look at the construction.  We naturally enjoyed a bit of wine while chatting about the progress thus far.

2003 Michel-Schlumberger, Chardonnay, La Brume, Dry Creek Valley
This wine is 100% Chardonnay that was fermented and aged in French oak barrels.  There was a healthy looking golden/nutty color.  But on the nose there waves of nut aromas and a lactic note.  Clearly too old with Lou finding an odd sweet character in the mouth.  Sometimes there are bottles in the MacArthur’s dump bins that are not drinkable, this was one of them.  Over priced at $20. No Stars. Past.

2009 Domaine de la Chaise, Sauvignon, Touraine
This wine is 100% Sauvignon Blanc aged in stainless steel tanks.  This wine was the color of light straw.  The light nose was crisp, with light amounts of ripe, gritty fruit.  A fresh apple-citrus quality matched the liveliness.  A decent wine for the rather affordable price. ** Now.

2005 Ridge, Syrah, Lytton West, Dry Creek Valley
This wine is a blend of 94% Syrah and 6% Viognier that was fermented with natural yeasts then aged for 21 months in American oak.  There was a solid medium+ youthful color.  The light to medium strength nose had a nose of roast.  In the mouth it showed on the young side due to a lack of integration and its primary rather than complex flavor.  The redder fruits had Viognier lift, with tasty midpalate flavors.  There was an assertive, spicy aspect.  This is a good, solid wine that will plug along for years to come.  While it is a notch above our daily drinkers it was sensitive to temperature and not that interesting. **(*) Now-2017.

Lou and Aaron

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