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2008 Twelve Wine, Pinot Noir 144, Oregon

Twelve Wines is a family run business whose first production was the 2003 vintage.   The vineyards are located near Carlton, Oregon and contain 11 acres of Pinot Noir and 2 acres of Pinot Blanc.  The vines are 10 to 26 years old.  The wines are made at the ADEA Wine Company.  The grapes are fermented in small tanks with 30% aged in new French oak barrels and the rest in one to four-year old barrels.  The estate wine is aged for 11 months with the reserve selections, which includes the 144,  seeing up to 20 months of barrel aging.

Charlie Guarding Pommard 1 Block, Image from Twelve Wine

I purchased this selection from the Twelve Wine at Esquin Wine Merchants in Seattle. I believe it was priced at $35.  Both Jenn and I enjoyed this young wine and feel it is well priced for the quality.  I wish I could take a time machine several years into the future to see how this one develops!

2008 Twelve Wine, Pinot Noir 144, Yamhill-Carlton District, Oregon
This wine represents a barrel selection from the oldest vines in the vineyard which were picked on 29 October, 2008.  There were 100 cases produced.  This wine has good aromas of ripe raspberry fruit and spices.  In the mouth the red fruit is a bit clipped with noticeable barrel influenced flavors and tannins on the finish.  The red berries then mixes with inky blue fruit followed by an aftertaste that reminded us of whiskey barrels.  This is a tasty wine has a bit of grip and clearly needs a few more years of age to settle down.  Promising stuff.

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