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Two Roussannes from France and California

I was first introduced to Stolpman Vineyards last year when Lou opened a bottle of the 2008 L’Avion.  I enjoyed the bottle very much so Lou was kind enough to allow me to purchase a few bottles from his next mailing list offer.  When I asked for a bottle of Roussanne Phil recommended the Eric Texier for $22.  I rather enjoyed and recommend both of these wines.  I have no experience cellaring these wines but I certainly do so as both wines leave an impression of youth and Roussanne based wines have the ability to age.

2009 Erix Texier, Roussanne, Brezeme,  Cotes du Rhone
This wine is 100% Roussanne sourced from a vineyard in Brezeme which is located in the Northern Rhone.  This vineyard is surrounded by a clos, an ancient stone wall, and contains 25-30 year old vines.  The vineyard is planted with a mix of varietals on rock soils with galets.  This wine is a rich straw color.  The delicate nose has hints of lemon and according to Jenn, is a bit “watery” in a refreshing sense.  The fresh flavors are complemented by stones and delivered with a nice mouthfeel.  This wine is restrained compared to the Stolpman.  There is a hint of oily character as the aftertaste releases good mineral flavors.

2009 Stolpman Vineyards, L’Avion, Santa Ynez Valley
This wine is 100% Roussanne sourced from dry-farmed vineyards with a thin layer of clay-shale above limestone. The grapes were fermented in 500 liter new French oak barrels then aged for 15 months.  This wine has a golden color.  The nose contains aromas of flint and flowers.  In the mouth there are flavors of apricot and an ample amount of stones with just a bit of toast.  The body is viscous with an oily aftertaste.  Quite tasty but I would venture it is young.

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