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Two Wines from Domaine Gallety

Domaine Gallety, Image by patrickessa

I have sampled a few vintages from Domaine Gallety over the years.  They have all been the cuvee Domaine Gallety which I have frankly found less interesting than similarly priced wines.  On the other hand, Jenn and I really enjoyed the Haute Vigne which comes across as complete.  The two selections reviewed in this post are affordable wines with the 2004 available for $16 at MacArthur’s and the Haute Vignes, a dump bin find, for even less.

2004 Domaine Gallety, Cotes du Vivarais
This wine is a blend of 50% Syrah and 50% Grenache from 40 year old vines that was aged for 15 months in neutral oak barrels.  This wine has a nose of roast earth and cocoa with aromatic herbs on the second night.  In the mouth there is dark, red fruit with some softness.  This robust wine has somewhat coarse tannins and a gritty aspect mixed with flavors of stone.

2005 Domaine Gallety, Haute Vigne, Cotes du Vivarais
This wine is made from fruit that is not to the level required for the Domaine Gallety cuvee.  There is a dark nose of smooth berries.  In the mouth the dark berries are slightly juicy which pairs well with this smooth wine.  The supple flavors are spiced and a little salty.  Fine tannins quietly build and coat the lips through the finish and aftertaste.  This enjoyable wine is reaching a maturity that will not inolve much more complexity.

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