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Weingut Hexamer, Meddersheimer Rheingrafenberg Riesling “Quarzit”, Nahe

I am now opening bottles of German Riesling that I have bought over the last several years.  It normally takes me several days to finish a bottle by myself so in the past I would end up dumping leftover wine.  I dislike dumping good wine so I all but ceased opening up my German wines.  Several weeks ago I started injecting Private Preserve into all of our opened bottles of wine and I feel that it remarkably maintains the wine.  With my fears cast aside I eagerly opened these three vintages from Weingut Hexamer.

Weingut Hexamer, Image from Weingut Hexamer

Weingut Hexamer is an 18 hectare estate run by Harald and Petra Hexamer.  They have several different vineyard with these selections coming from the 7 hectare Meddersheimer Rheingrafenberg vineyard.  This is a rocky and very steep vineyard with slopes up to 55 degrees.  The soils are a mixture of sandy loam, slate, and sandstone.  This “Quarzit” wine is source from a parcel with quartzite soils and not the other mixture of conglomerates.

The Cellar, Image from Weingut Hexamer

These are Terry Theise Selections that I bought at MacArthur’s.  The 2006 and 2007 I have had for some time with the 2009 a recent purchase.  The 2007 was recently available for $20 and the 2009 is available at $18.  Phil has always recommended these wines to me as I love Schiste in my French reds and Quartzite in my German Riesling.  These are well priced wines.  Though all three are enjoyable I absolutely loved the 2007 and would highly recommend spending the extra $2 to obtain it.  It is a great drink right now but will easily age for many years.  A quick check on wine-searcher reveals that it is available on both coasts.

2006 Weingut Hexamer, Meddersheimer Rheingrafenberg Riesling “Quarzit”, Nahe
This wine has a very crisp, golden, straw color.  There is a classic nose that reveals mature notes with a lovely aroma of stones.  After a short amount of air the soft fruit mixes with good stone flavors.  There is a little spritz at first but that dissipates as creamy, tropical fruits come out.  There is a disjointed feeling to this wine because the fruit and mineral flavors distinctly stand apart and do not feel integrated.

2007 Weingut Hexamer, Meddersheimer Rheingrafenberg Riesling “Quarzit”, Nahe
This wine has a vibrant straw color.  The aromas immediately jump out of the glass with a freshness that makes you sink your nose into the glass then take a big draught.  This has more weight in the mouth than the nose reveals.  There is a little spritz with fruit which is initially sweet, creamy, and tropical.  The fruit mixes with acidity that dances on the side of the tongue as the midpalate flavors switch to honeysuckle and sweet white peach with good mineraliness.  The finish is a mixture of peaches and stones but the presentation is simpler than the start.  Really good stuff!

2009 Weingut Hexamer, Meddersheimer Rheingrafenberg Riesling “Quarzit”, Nahe
This wine is the lightest color of all three with a very, very light hint of stony yellow color.  The nose is of wet stones and light fruit.  In the mouth there are big flavors and a heavier feel.  The flavors trend towards tart, green apples and simple wet stones with a bit of petrol.  There is much less acidity in this vintage.

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