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Update to Post on 2008 Weingut Leth, Roter Veltliner, Hofweingarten

When I first looked into this wine I could not find any information about the Hofweingarten on the Weingut Leth website.  I found some information on the Domaine Select website but I was still curious so I contacted Weingut Leth.  Franz Leth replied earlier this week and kindly included a label image and information about the wine.  This is a selection produced specifically for Domaine Select.  It is made in a manner to “combine perfect fresh and fruity character with creamy texture.”  I have updated the 2008 Weingut Leth Fels, Roter Veltliner, Hofweingarten, Lagenreserve, Wagram post.

The Hofweingarten is made from grapes sourced from various loess soils.  Loess is German word meaning “loose” and stems from usage in the Rhine valley.  These are layers of wind-blown silt that are a mixture of loam, sand, and chalk.  They are loosely cemented by calcium carbonate.  These loess layers are up to 20 meters thick in the Wagram area.  This allows the vine roots to reach deep for water and minerals.

Loess Soils, Image from Weingut Leth

It is always a joy to correspond with a winery.  Not only do I get to learn more but I get to conveniently share it.

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