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2007 Domaine Santa Duc, Les Aubes, Vacqueyras

Domaine Santa Duc produces many wines that I enjoy.  This wine is a blend of 80% Grenache and 20% Syrah sourced from les Aubes and la Ponche in Vacqueyras.  The les Aubes parcel has sandy slopes.  The le Ponche parcel has lime-chalk soils.  It was aged for 18 months in casks on lees.

I have twice bought this wine for $24 from MacArthur’s.  If you like full-bore Vacqueyras then this bottle is for you.  It is well made and certainly worth the price.  It is an attractive drink right now because it is vigorously youthful and the ripe tannins are not bothersome.  It certainly has the stuffing to age for the short to medium term, it just depends on how you like your wine.

2007 Domaine Santa Duc, Les Aubes, Vacqueyras
This wine has a light to medium nose of rich, spiced fruit.  In the mouth it immediately delivers heady blue fruits, creamy flavors, grit, and spices.  There are ripe tannins that coat mouth as spicey midpalate develops.  The profile of the wine is sensitive to heat so be careful to drink it at cellar temperature.  Jenn noted, “Completely full mouth experience.  A storybook wine.”  ***(*) Now-2022.

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