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2009 Chateau Coupe Roses, Cuvee Vignals, Minervois

Francoise and Pascal Frissant, Image from Vintage 59

Chateau Coupe Roses is worked by Francoise and Pascal Frissant.  Their vineyards are located in La Causse and Le Petite Causse.  There are 40 hectares of small parcels most of which surround the medieval village of La Caunette.  With vineyard altitudes ranging from 750-1350 feet, this is the second highest area in Minervois.  This is very beautiful land with gently sloping vineyards that abruptly meet the Gorges de la Cesse.  The soils are arid, stony, and contain some chalky bits.  There is a deep layer of clay-like soil that captures maganese rich water.

Gorges de la Cesse, Image by brigeham34(flickr)

The Cuvee Vignals is a blend of ~60% Syrah, ~30% Grenache, and ~10% Carignan.  It is made entirely in tank.  According to the Vintage 59 website Francois Serre has been the consulting enologist at Coupe Roses since 1991.  He is also consults for Chateau Rayas, Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

La Caunette, Image by Gerard Farenc (flickr)

The wines of Chateau Coupe Roses are imported by Vintage 59 and available at MacArthur’s.  This bottle is well worth the $17 or $18 cost.

2009 Chateau Coupe Roses, Cuvee Vignals, Minervois
This wine really has a lovely nose of roses.  On the second night the nose reveals aromas of dark red fruits combined with perfumed scents of roses.  This medium-bodied wine is almost supple in texture, with good garrigue throughout.  The flavors take on a linear delivery that mixes in grapey tannins.  This is lower in alcohol and very easy to drink.  Consumed over two days I feel it drank better on the first night when it was more spritely.  *** Now-2015.

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