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Two Interesting Wines from The Williamsburg Winery

We had planned to spend the 4th of July evening on the Williamsburg Lodge lawn at their annual Blues, Brews, and BBQ party.  Heavy thunderstorms and lightning moved in during the afternoon.  There was a brief period where we were able to eat most of our dinner outside and enjoy some wine.  But the thunderstorms quickly returned, the party moved indoors, and the fireworks were cancelled.

There was a drinks table at the party where you could buy a glass of wine or a beer for $7.  There appeared to only be one white wine and two reds. I was hesitant at first because these are lower tier wines and not current vintages.  The Governor’s White sells for$7 per bottle and the Arundell Cabernet Sauvignon sells for $10.50 at The Williamsburg Winery.  Besides the ridiculous markup in price I was afraid we would be drinking over-the-hill wine.  They were not too old and were actually enjoyable!  The price was worth the experience.

2006 The Williamsburg Winery, Governor’s White, Virginia
This wine is golden in color.  The nose and palate reveal semi-sweet, tropical fruits mixed with guava and mango.  The wine is a bit soft in the mouth, lacking enough supporting acidity, but there are flinty flavors in the finish and a decent aftertaste.  ** Now.

2003 The Williamsburg Winery, Arundell, Cabernet Sauvignon, Virginia
This wine has flavors of tart, red cherries and hard, black cherries.  There are some notes of tobacco.  It was a nice surprise.  While it is in the second half of its life, it did not fall apart so there is probably no rush to drink this vintage.  I think the fruit will fade too much before it gained any complexity.  ** Now.

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