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East Coast Cabernet Franc

I bought these three selections from Wegman’s in Fairfax, Virginia for $20-$22 per bottle.  I was curious to try some Virginian wine  so as to see how things are shaping up.  I randomly grabbed the two bottles from Virginia and I specifically picked the New York wine.  Hermann J. Wiemer is a famous producer in the Finger Lakes.  I opted to start with his Cabernet Franc instead of his Rieslings so as to compare against the other two bottles.

Jenn and I enjoyed the Wiemer Cabernet Franc and I do recommend it.  The two from Virginia were quite off putting.  Lou was coming over the next night so I decided to save the Virginian wine so that he could try them.  Jenn asked if that was wise, “Why serve Lou bad wine?”  I assured her that Lou would appreciate the learning experience.  When he showed up we openly declared the state of the wines.  True to his curiosity, Lou was ready to try them for educational purposes.  After a few exclamations during his tasting he calmly put his wine glass and the bottles in the kitchen before returning to the table.

2007 Hermann J. Wiemer, Cabernet Franc, Finger Lakes, New York
This wine had a light, reddish nose.  This light+ bodied wine had dusty, Cabernet Franc flavors, some herbs, and good brighter red fruit.  There were herbed, red fruits in the finish along with some watering acidity.  There is a filling aftertaste.  It is an easy to drink wine and clearly well made.  ** Now.

2007 Old House Vineyards, Cabernet Franc de Maison, Virginia
This was not so good and almost drinkable for a few minutes after opening.  Then there was chemical weirdness.  Lou exclaimed, “And this is the better bottle!”  Not Rated.

2008 Philip Carter, Cabernet Franc, Virginia
This had double the chemical weirdness right from the bottle.  Not Rated.

  1. steve
    July 2, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Some Va wines are bad, but we tried a czb franc from northgage vinyards in loudan which was good. Has new tasting room and music weekends

  2. Philip Carter
    May 9, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    Hi there, Our 2008 Cab Franc was our first Cab Franc vintage ever, and I’m so sorry for your poor experience. I will personally send you a more recent vintage, which I am confident that you will find pleasing. info@pcwinery.com Sincerely, Philip Carter Strother

    • May 10, 2012 at 7:10 am

      Philip, Thank you very much for reaching out and your offer. Clearly it was an off bottle and I appreciate the opportunity to re-taste your Cabernet Franc.
      Best, Aaron

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