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Coume del Mas, Collioure

Unfortunately this is my last post on the wines of Collioure.  I have not found any other red Collioure wines to try in the Washington, DC area.  The only other bottle that I have drunk was the 1996 Domaine la Tour Vieille that was drunk this winter.  If you see any bottl of Collioure do let me know!

The Coume del Mas estate was started by the Gard family in 2000.  There are 12 hectares of vineyards that are comprised of 25 year old established vines and new vines recently planted.  Most of the land and vines are tended by hand but in some areas a horse may be used for plowing.

The Peyrefitte Parcel, Image from the Coume del Mas Blog

These wines are imported by European Cellars and were sold at MacArthur’s several years ago.  I bought them for the amazing price of $14 per bottle due to a distributor closeout!  Jenn and I really, really enjoyed the 2004 Schistes.  I found that the 2003 Quadratur showed too much wood tannins.  Current prices for the 2007 vintage range from $22-$32 for the Schistes and $34 for the Quadratur.  I would certainly grab a bottle of the 2007 Schistes at the lower price range.

2004 Coume del Mas, Schistes, Collioure
This wine is a blend of 90% – 100% Grenache and 0% – 10% Carignan.  It is fermented and aged in tank for 8-12 months.  There is a light nose of dark fruits.  This enjoyable, complex wine unveils gobs of medium-bodied fruit flavors with grippy blue fruits, and some incense-like herbs.  It leaves perfumed flavors on the side of the mouth.  It is not supple but has good weight and a gritty aftertaste.  With air it continues to be youthful and develops dusty, minerals and stones.  Jenn particularly liked it.  *** Now-2017.

2004 Coume del Mas, Schistes, Collioure
Tasted 20 December 2007
This was recommended to me. A Grenache/Carignan blend with a gorgeous color in the glass best described as inky, deep-blue and red-garnet. Young in that the nose is slow to reveal itself and tastes of hidden pleasures yet to come. It is medium-bodied with concentration, supple to drink with a slowly expanding finish. A great deal at $14.

2003 Coume del Mas, Quadratur, Collioure
This wine is a blend of 50% Grenache, 30% Mourvedre, and 20% Carignan.  It is aged for 12 months in 70% new oak and 30% tank.  This is a structured wine that has redder fruit and prominent wood tannins.  There is a linear delivery of the fruit flavors that combine with dry herbs.  It slowly puts on weight but never becomes as complex as the Schistes.  It gets a little wild in the finish.  ** Now-2017.

2003 Coume del Mas, Quadratur, Collioure
Tasted 31 January 2008
This was medium-ruby in the glass with a light nose of red berries hinting at future complexity. Berry and spice flavors that quickly expand in the mouth, followed quickly by not-shy fine tannins. With air it develops the creaminess marked by the Schistes. This is a bit more brighter and tannic than the Schistes but the family resemblance is there. Both are excellent.

The Quadratur Cork

The Schistes Cork

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