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Domaine du Mas Blanc (Dr. Parce), Les Junquets, Collioure

The 2007 Collioure vintage had an early Spring with an unremarkable crop.  The summer was marked by a June full of rain and humidity followed by a temperate, windy July.   The vineyards had to be sprayed to prevent mildew.  The wind caused the grape skins to thicken along with concentrating the juice, acids, and tannins.  Harvest started at the beginning of September.  The winds caused the crop yields to be 40% less than 2006.

The 2005 Collioure vintage was ultimately dry.  Winter started off with enough rain that the water table was supportive of the vines.  The summer was cooler and not too windy.  The grapes kept their acidity.  The cooler temperatures resulted in a harvest that was one week later.  It started mid-September and finished up before the end of the month.

The Les Junquets cuvee is a blend of 90% Syrah, 5% Marsanne, and 5% Roussanne. The Syrah vineyard is located on a steep terrace that faces west.  The grapes are macerated for 20 days. All of the grapes were vinified together and aged for one year in three-year old barrels.

These wines are imported by Vineyard Brands, distributed by Bacchus Importers Ltd. and select vintages available at MacArthur’s.  They cost $30 per bottle.  These two selections were a step up from the Cosprons Levants.  I recommend both of these wines!  While you can drink the 2007 right now, it needs several hours of air, and undoubtedly will benefit from 2-3 years of aging.  The 2005 is easier to drink right now and I particularly like the meaty, wild nose.  These Mas Blanc wines are probably not for those who like modern styled wines.

2007 Domaine du Mas Blanc (Dr. Parce), Les Junquets, Collioure
This is a bigger wine with ripe fruit and a saline character.  There are waves of flavor, incense mixed with black fruits and some spice.  The flavors are mouthfilling with fine to medium tannins.  There is a pervasive aftertaste.  On the second night the wine puts on good weight with a salty, inky, glycerine aftertaste that coats the mouth.  *** 2015-2022.

2005 Domaine du Mas Blanc (Dr. Parce), Les Junquets, Collioure
The nose started off very meaty then eventually revealed raspberries.  In the mouth there are ample raspberry flavors that are thinner in richness than the 2007.  There is more prickly acidity and an iodine/saline character.  With air the red raspberries mixed with black fruits.  The coating tannins come out through the finish and with the wine softening out in the aftertaste.  *** Now-2019.

2005 Domaine du Mas Blanc (Dr. Parce), Les Junquets, Collioure
Tasted 26 Feb 2009
A medium+ opaque color of garnet with cherry. A light to medium nose of candied raspberry, white grapefruit freshness, with dark, wild, earthy undertones. With air a tobacco and smokey nose develops. In the mouth a beam of red raspberry fruit wrapped in a blanket of dark fruit. The flavors are delivered with a moderate mouthfeel. There are dark fruits in the aftertaste along with a moderate amount of tannins. This drinks well but certainly will age a number of years.

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