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Tasting Wine at 34,000 Feet….Live!

I thought it would be fun to taste through some wines this morning at Vino Volo. This wine store and tasting bar is located at Sea-Tac airport. For some reason it was closed at 7:00am. So the next best thing is to taste wine on my Alaskan Airlines flight back to Washington, D.C. Of course you cannot bring bottles of wine on the plane then open them up to taste. Instead I asked for a red wine and was handed the Sutter Home Merlot.  I think they forgot to charge me for the wine.

My Tasting and Blogging Area

I am currently at 34,000 feet but we are slowly climbing in altitude so I might be higher by the time I post this.  Is it feasible to taste wine on a plane crammed in a middle seat?  It is but has proven to be quite difficult.  Clearly the tiny desk and my giant laptop preclude having more than one or two mini bottles open at a time.  Then there is the matter of tasting, typing, not spilling on my neighbors during the turbulent shakes of the plane, and finally cabling up the camera.  But I persevered so that I could bring you this unique tasting note.  My neighbors, once curious as to my actions, have now fallen asleep.

The Author Tasting Wine on the Plane

This 187 mL bottle is made out of plastic with a screw cap. It includes a $0.15 deposit for the state of Maine.

The Bottle of Wine

2009 Sutter Home, Merlot, California
There is a bright, grapey nose, that is a bit “winey.”  In the mouth it actually surprises with some underlying grip and slightly chunky tannins.  There is a decent mouthfeel as the red and blue fruits intermix to leave puckering red fruit and tannins in the aftertaste.  This comes across as somewhat manufactured in style but still, it has been great fun to try! * Now.

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