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2008 Casa Gran del Siurana, GR-174, Piorat

La Casa Gran is the name of the 300 year old building that is located on the estate.  The building was used to house Carthusian monks from the nearby monastery of Scala Dei.  It is located along the river Siurana.  The estate is comprised of two parcels of vineyards.  There are 10 hectares surrounding La Casa Gran are flat with  soils of sedimentary fluvial from the river Siurana.  The 40 hectare La Fredat estate covers 40 hectares of terrace land with llicorella shale soils.

Casa Gran del Siurana, Image from turismepriorat

This wine is available at MacArthur’s for $16.  It is well priced and a wine that I have seen on some restaurant lists.  If you unsure of which wine to order, this would certainly be a well priced, safe choice.

2008 Casa Gran del Siurana, GR-174, Piorat
This wine is a blend of 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Grenache, and 25% Carignan from vineyards in the La Fredat estate.  These vineyards were planted as early as 2001.  The wine was aged for five months in French oak barrels.  On the second night this medium ruby wine has a light nose of dark berries, gritty scent, a little cassis and some heat.  There are flavors of blackcurrant and cassis that are creamy.  This modern style wine has some heat breaking through.  The finish has very fine tannins and a stone-like quality.  Again, some heat breaks through.  This unabashedly modern wine is quite the mouthful with its assertive character.  I wish the alcohol was more restrained.  It is a good value but not completely my style of wine.  ** Now-2015.

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