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On the Relative Ageability of Two New Mexican Wines

I have not been purposefully cellared any New Mexican wines.  Indeed these bottles are the last two southwest wines from our basement.  I do not know of a vintage chart for New Mexico nor did I readily find older vintages for sale on our trip.  So this is just a relative peek at ageability of these wines.  La Chiripada recently started offering their library wines for sale.  So I jumped at the opportunity to take one home.  The 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve was recommended and set me back $37.  The 2004 Milagro Cabernet Sauvignon was a gift from several years ago.  I had completely forgotten about that wine until I discovered it this past Friday.  I was gathering empty bottles to photograph for my Old Tasting Notes when I found it standing up amongst the empties.

Both of these wines have easily survived at this point.  The La Chiripada is a richer, upfront style.  It should last several more years but I do not know if it will develop more complexity or if the alcohol will become unbalanced.  If I had several bottles I would check on it again in one year for the sake of research.  The Milagro looked much older than it tasted, which is a little troubling.  While there is enough acidity to keep it lively for several more years, it is not a complex wine and I would recommend drinking it now.

In terms of price, I would not recommend running out to buy these wines at this price point.  There are many other tasty wines I would spend our money on.  But for intellectual curiosity, they certainly are worth it.

2005 La Chiripada, Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserve
This wine is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Mimbres Valley.  It was vinified with a yeast strain that enhances the berry flavors.  The free-run juice was aged for 22 months in new European oak.  In the glass the wine is a medium garnet color.  It reveals richer, riper fruit but a bit of heat comes out.  There are tart red berries, some spices, and puckering acidity.  On the second night it show prominent Eucalyptus-like flavors.  ** Now-2014.

2004 Milagro, Cabernet Sauvignon
This wine was also a medium garnet color but with more brick hints making it look older than the La Chiripada.  There were hard black fruits and flavors of blackcurrant.  The fruit is immediately tart and acidic with a very minimal amount of light-textured tannins.  There is a little perfume in the finish.  With air it puts on weight.  While it has aged well, there is not much complexity.  In the end there are enjoyable dark, blue fruits with mouth-watering acidity.  ** Now-2015.

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