Texan Tasting Notes

Texas Waffle

After a Texan breakfast I decided to write up my tasting notes from the three wines we had purchased at Whole Foods. They were casually drunk out of our plastic hotel cups so the notes are a bit short. It was interesting to drink these wines but they are not of a style that I prefer to drink. Italian varietals seem to be popular in New Mexico and Texas.

2009 Duchman Family Winery, Reddy Vineyards, Spino, Montepulciano
This showed a red fruit nose. In the mouth there were tart, juicy, red fruits with some herbs. This was well made and Jenn liked it. It would be hard to pick this as a Texan wine if tasted blind. I believe this was $15 on sale, marked down from $25. It is certainly worth the $15 price.  ** Now.

2006 Dry Comal Creek Vineyards, “Shiraz – Syrah” Reserve
13% Abv. This medium+ bodied wine had salty flavors of black cherry. The finish brought dark red fruits, fine wood tannins, and even darker red fruits in the aftertaste. Reminiscent of an Australian Shiraz this rich wine is well made but does not offer much complexity. This was $28.  * Now.

2007 Chrisholm Trail, Lone Wolf, Lenoir
12% Abv. This was immediately weird with cola aromas on the nose. In the mouth there were sour red fruits, some sugared red candy and no noticeable tannins. This was so strange that we dumped it. This was $20.   Not Rated.

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