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2009 Domaine Rouge-Bleu, Lunatique, VdT France

Jenn and I are big fans of Rouge-Blue’s Cuvee Mistral. The Lunatique hit the shores of the east coast two weeks ago and finally arrived at MacArthur’s in DC. On Thursday I stopped by the store and picked up one bottle. The excellent Mistral is $18 so with the Lunatique ringing in at $50 it has a lot stand up to.  This is the first vintage of the Lunatique.

Lunatique is a small cuvee of only 100 cases.  Rouge-Bleu has a page Lunatique from A to Z that is dedicated solely to this wine.  This Vin de Table is made from 77 year-old Grenache.  The grapes are hand harvested and fermented in concrete tanks.

I double-decanted the wine and we tasted it over four hours.  Four very young hours.  This is an excellent wine but it really needs to age for several years.  While there is a lot going on, this is at a pure, youthful, primary, structured stage.  It does not yet show the complexity of the older Mistral.  This is not a criticism just a comment.  If you manage to drink an entire bottle within an hour, you will miss out on the good stuff and be let down.  There isn’t much of this wine available and it isn’t exactly cheap.  So I would highly recommend cellaring this wine instead of tasting it but if you can’t resist then decant the wine at least four hours ahead of time.

Is it worth $50?  Yes.

2009 Domaine Rouge-Bleu, Lunatique, VdT France
This wine starts off with a light nose of pure, fruit aromas.  In the mouth it is round with creamy flavors.  The initial fruits are cool and blue but there is massive, dreadnought power lurking behind there.  There are minerals mixed in with a salty profile.  The finish shows fine, grapey tannins with good coarseness.  After several hours of air it becomes very expansive in the mouth.  The intensity builds with air as you need to only drink smaller and smaller sips.  This intensity is not from high alcohol levels but from all of the rippling, youthful flavor.  It becomes saltier with air which is a nice complement to the creamy blue fruit.  The back-label mentions a flavor of coconut and that is a perfect description.  ***(*) 2015-2025.

  1. K Boone
    October 24, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    just finished a botttle (10/24/12) . Drank over the last 3 days. Good to the last drop. Everything you want in a Southern Rhone..fruit, barnyard, earth. Jean-Marc’s best to date.

    • October 24, 2012 at 7:56 pm

      Thanks for the comment. I am glad to see the wine is coming along well. We certainly enjoy Jean-Marc’s wines.

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