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2003 Chateau de Segries, Clos de l’Hermitage, Cotes du Rhone

Chateau de Segries is an old estate in Lirac. It was originally run by the Comte de Regis from the 1920s through the 1980s when he handed over management to his son Francois. According to John Livingstone-Learmonth, viticulture was not popular in Lirac between the two World Wars. The farmers preferred less labor intensive crops. As a result, between 1945 and 1960 Chateau de Segries was one of only three family owned wineries in Lirac. In an 1963 British wine list, the 1959 vintage was half the price of 1955 Rauzan-Gassies and a quarter the price of 1955 Chateau Margaux.  This made it a fairly expensive wine!  The estate originally produced but after the phylloxera the vineyards were enlarged and wine became the main product.

In the 1970s and early 1980s the estate produced, complex, long-lived wines.  John Livingstone-Learmonth states the red wine “possesses aromas like gentle spices, and a steady backbone of tannins holds the wine together on the palate..”.  In the mid 1980s vintages such as 1985 spent three years in concrete vats.  The 1986 vintage was fined early and spent consider time in vat and was rather “limpid.”  The 1980s is when the Comte de Regis made Francois manage the estate.

Chateau de Segries, Image from Kysela Pere et Fils

Chateau de Segries continued to produce insipid wines in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Henri de Lanzac purchased the property in 1994 and has been steadily improving the estate since then.  The 109 hectare estate contains 45 hectares of vineyards.  They produce a Tavel, Lirac, Cotes du Rhone, and the Clos de l’Hermitage which is featured in this post.  The Clos de l’Hermitage vineyard comes from a 3.5 hectare parcel planted by former owner Comte de Regis de Gatimel.  It contains vines that date back to 1925.

Henri and daughter Anne, Image from Kysela Pere et Fils

Clso de l’Hermitage comes from a parcel in Quartier de la Chartreuse de Villeneuve-les-Avignon which is owned by Jean Alesi but managed by Chateau de Segries.  This cuvee is a blend of 33% Grenache, 33% Srah, and 33% Mourvedre.  It is fermented in temperature-controlled concrete vats then aged for nine months in 5% new French oak and 95% one-year old barrels.

Cellar, Image from Kysela Pere et Fils

This wine was imported by Kysela Pere et Fils and at $15 at MacArthurs, it is well worth the price.  This vintage still possesses the “gentle spices” John Livingstone-Learmonth found and also reveals the heat of the 2003 vintage.  The 2003 vintage in the Rhone was so unusually hot that many vines suffered “blockage” and the grapes stop maturing.

2003 Segries, Clos de l'Hermitage

2003 Chateau de Segries, Clos de l’Hermitage, Cotes du Rhone
This wine has a light+ nose of roasted fruit with a little earthiness.  In the mouth this is a light to medium-bodied wine full of red berries, herbs and garrigue, and eventually red cherries.  The acidity come out halfway to give it more character.  There is dusty, herbed fruit in the finish and aftertaste.  After several hours the aftertaste reveals dark fruits and herbs.  There are fine+ tannins throughout.  An enjoyable bottle that is only detracted by being slightly unbalanced due to some heat coming through.  ** Now.

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