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Bottles Purchased from Reid Wines, Bristol

Reid Wines was started by Charles Reid and joined by the great Bill Baker in 1980.    During the early 1990s the firm went into receivership because Charles spent 100 days per year shooting.  Charles was let go and David Boobbyer came on as a partner.  The firm changed its name to Reid Wines (1992) and subsequently won Wine Magazine’s “‘Fine and Rare’ Specialist Merchant of the Year 1992/1993.”

Winter 1992/1993, Reid Wines Ltd, Cover

In an earlier post I described our trip to buy wine from Bill Baker of Reid Wines.  It was the fall of 1992.  Apparently we bought three bottles of Claret together.  The Claret would be served at some dinner parties we had planned.  The 1970 La Lagune was drunk during April 1993 separate from the La Gaffeliere.

  • 1961 Chateau La Gaffeliere Naude for 38.50 Pounds Sterling. “Outstanding vintage.  “La Gaffeliere is somewhat of a bargain.”
  • 1970 Chateau La Lagune for 26.50 Pounds Sterling. “We are still managing to find parcels of wine from this great drinking vintage.”
  • 1971 Chateau La Gaffeliere Naude for 16.50 Pounds Sterling.  “Best in Saint Emilion and Pomerol.”

For my Thanksgiving dinner during November 1992 I bought:

  • 1985 Ampeau, Pommard for 18.50 Pounds Sterling. “Unquestionably the vintage of the 1980’s.”

And just to get something to try Andrew bought something interesting.  Here is the description from the catalog, “MARCHES: RED No-one seems very interested in this strange wine from the Vernaccia Rosso grape.  Give it a go!”:

  • 1990 Villa Ligi, Vernaculum for 5.95 Pounds Sterling.

I remember trying this wine, it smelled great but there was absolutely no taste in the mouth.  Strange indeed!

Winter 1992/1993, Reid Wines Ltd, Inside,

From the Introduction, “It is always pleasant to write an introduction when there is good news to related, especially at a time when the Government, the French and the weather seem to have conspired to deepen the gloom engendered by the longest recession since the second World War.  Firstly, we can report that Kate and Bill have produced the first Baker offspring.  Polly was born on 29 September.  She is following the family tradition of gaining weight every day and shows every intention of being as noisy as her father.”

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