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2007 Librandi, Duca San Felice Riserva, Ciro

The Librandi Winery, Image from Noble Estates

This family has produced grapes for four generations but in 1950 they started bottling their own wine.  In the 1970s Nicodemo and his brother Antonio embraced modern technology and were able to rapidly expand the winery.  In an effort to compete internationally they introduced Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.  Today they are joined by their nephews Raffaele and Walter.  They now believe it is best to showcase the indigenous varietals of Calabria.  They still use some Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay for blending.  Their current production is some 2,000,000 bottles per year!

Receiving Grapes at Librandi, Image from Noble Estates

The family invests heavily in research.  In 1993 they created their first experimental vineyard for indigenous varietals where they grafted Magliocco, Arvino, Matonico Bianco, and Pecorello.  In 1997 they acquired the 250 acres Rosaneti estate and in 1998 they brought on Dr. Donato Lanati to help develop the estate.  The majority is planted with vines but there are 25 hectares of olive groves and the rest are woodlands.  With the help of satellite monitoring they will determine what is best for these Calabrian varietals.

Nicodemo in Front of Librandi Vineyards, Image from Noble Estates

This wine is 100% Gaglioppo from vineyards on soils of argillaceous and calcareous matter.  The grapes are harvested during the first two weeks of October, then fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel then aged for three years in stainless steel.  Approximately 300,000 bottles are produced!

The 2005 Aziende Agricola du Cropio, Serra Sanguigna was the first 100% Gaglioppo wine I tried.  That was quick funky so I asked Tim at MacArthur’s for another Gaglioppo recommendation.  He suggested the Librandi, Duca San Felice.  This contemporary and clean wine does a great job of expressing the Gaglioppo varietal.  I strongly recommend grabbing several bottles of this well-priced wine.  It is available at Calvert-Woodley and MacArthur’s for $16.

2007 Librandi, Duca San Felice Riserva, Ciro
This wine has a light, cherry color.  There is a medium strength, woodsy nose.  In the mouth, this medium-bodied wine has sweet fruit mixed with acidity that tickles the tongue then it softens out as sweet spices are revealed.  There are some drying tannins in the finish and tart fruit in the aftertaste.  With air, there is a fair amount of lithe weight to this wine that is supple before the finish.  On the second night, the wine was still going strong with more leather notes.  Decant for several hours before drinking.  *** Now-2017.

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