1983 Warre’s and 1985 Dow’s

We got together with another couple to drink some wine and port. I believe all of us enjoyed both ports but the more mature state of the Warre’s left it more satisfying. I can’t wait to drink more vintage port!

1983 Warre’s Vintage Port
Eleven hours after double-decanting. The lights were dimmed so I didn’t get a good impression of the actual color but the core was was darker, black-cherry in the lighting we had, than the 1985 Dow’s. There were long, viscous legs. It had a fine, lifted nose with aspects of cardamom that was a pleasure to smell. In the mouth there was a good feel to the brighter/redder fruit. The fruit itself comes across as sweeter but not as round, followed by a bit more agressive heat on the finish. The long aftertaste leaves impressions of dusty herbs.

1985 Dow’s Vintage Port
Thirteen and a half hours after double-decanting. In the dimmed lights this was less opaque than the 1983 Warre’s. There is a restrained nose of darker berries with similar flavors in the mouth. Upon drinking this youthful, round full-bodied vintage port, coats the mouth with great feeling fruit. While it is fun to drink now it really needs to be cellared.

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