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Some Recent Kaesler and Nashwauk, 03 October 2008

A friend dropped off some Kaesler and a Nashwauk for me to try back in October 2008. They had been open for roughly eight hours. Jenn and I are fans of some of the 2004 Kaeslers but we haven’t bought any since then. We weren’t floored by any of them as they were more disjointed than I’d like to see. I think the Bogan has the best potential. The Nashwauk and Avignon were fun to drink because of the mouth feel.

2006 Kaesler, Stonehorse GSM, Barossa Valley
A suprising light+ opaque ruby with purplish tinge. A light nose of indistinct blue and red fruits. In the mouth there is hard blue and red fruit that is a bit austere. Tart fruit comes through in the finish as the acidity ratchets up. The wine leaves the impression of being a bit warm. A total disappointment after the 2004 and clearly the worst of the bunch we tasted.

2005 Kaesler, Stonehorse Shiraz, Barossa Valley
This is medium opaque ruby-garnet. A light+ nose of dusty red fruit. In the mouth there is immediate red fruit followed by cool blue fruit, and a spicy/peppery aftertaste. There is some suppleness in the mouth and minimal tannins. While better than the GSM it isn’t too interesting.

2006 Kaesler, Cabernet Sauvignon, Barossa Valley
Medium+ ruby-garnet and darker than the first two. A light+ nose of cab flavors, black currant and dark fruits, perhaps mildly more interesting than the first two. Cab flavors in the mouth, that are more restrained but still provide suppleness.

2005 Kaesler, Avignon GSM, Barossa Valley
Light to medium opaque. A light nose of gritty, bright red fruit and oak toast as it warms up. In the mouth there is immediate, weighty, supple dark-blue fruit. It then morphs into sweet, cinnamon accented fruit. The acidity comes through in the aftertaste along with the heat. The disjointed finish is the major flaw which is a shame because the flavors are good.

2006 Kaesler, The Bogan, Barossa Valley
This is very opaque and clearly the darkest of them all. A light nose of creamy, blue fruit and black currant. In the mouth there is darker purple/blue fruit. The mouth feel is not as creamy as the Avignon. There is an underlying structure of strong, drying tannins and some puckering acidity. Rather young.

2006 Nashwauk, Shiraz, McLaren Vale
Medium+ purple/ruby/garnet, very dark. A light nose of gritty blue fruit. In the mouth there is supple, creamy fruit, clotted cream like in sweetness. The flavors are of overt blueberry. There is a long finish and aftertaste.

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