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Four From Germany

My wife and I are beginning to explore German rieslings. I’ve only posted one note on a German wine which was for the 1989 Max Richter, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Riesling Spatlese. I don’t have the vocabulary nor the experience yet for good notes but I figure I’d stumble through it. I’ve only had one recent Spatlese so I don’t yet know what to thin in terms of quality. We’ll try a few more this week then rethink the Schafer-Frohlich. In terms of the 2006 Kabinetts, we preferred the Leitz than the Selbach followed by the Gysler. They also seem to have significant amounts of acidity.

2005 Schafer-Frohlich, Bockenhauer Felseneck, Riesling Spatlese, Nahe – $30
A vibrant, light-straw in the glass. A light mineraly, floral nose of riesling. In the mouth there is petroleum sweetness, moderate acidity in the back end. It is a round wine with a subtle, fresh core. It might need some age or perhaps a touch more acidity?

2006 Leitz, Rudesheimer Klosterlay, Riesling Kabinett, Rheingau – $18
Accordingly to the Terry Theise catalog the Klosterlay vineyards are mixed with slate. Very light color in the glass. A light, slightly sweet fresh nose. In the mouth it is immediately round with a sweet attack. This is followed by a minerally mid-palate and moderate acidity. An enjoyable wine that put on weight the second day and more fruit & sweetness than the Gysler and Selbach.

2006 Gysler, Weinheimer, Riesling Kabinett, Rheinhessen – $17
Apparently this is less tart than than usual. I found a similar color to the Leitz. In the mouth immediate acidity on the tongue. This is followed by fruit in the middle, somewhat apple-like in tartness that develop into riesling flavors. There is a crisp, zesty, lemon-like finish.

2006 Selbach, Riesling “Fish Label”, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer – $12
Again, a similar lightness of color as in the Leitz. Sparkly acidity on the tongue, with some herbal quality. A bit more body than the Gysler. I found the vibrancy enjoyable.


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