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Oregon And Washington Tasting, Mark Savage MW, 16th Feb 1993

Oregon And Washington Tasting, Mark Savage MW, 16th Feb 1993

Presented by MARK SAVAGE MW
on Tuesday, 16 February 1993

1. 1990 Pinot Gris, Tyee Wine Cellars, Oregon
Very pale, fruity in bouquet, not much in taste, some tartness.  Not much of a finish, some dark flavors.  Southern end of Cascades, west.  Not aged in oak.  Carbon Dioxide.  Pinot Gris cool climates produce more dry, discrete, finesse.  1st planted 10 years ago.

2. 1988 Chardonnay, Arbor Crest, Washington
Very pale gold.  Dimensionless.  “Too – safe.”  Citrus, honey, biscuit, not assertive fruit, drops quickly.  Wine matures better in old cellar, more interesting.  Up to 40,000 cases. 20-25K current.

3. 1987 Muscat Ottonel, The Eyrie Vineyard, Oregon
[#3 and #4 tasted as pair.] More yellow.  Nice nose.  Way too dry!  When you suck bad taste.  Weird.  Disappears quickly.  “Bone Dry. Stainless steel.

4. 1989 Muscat Canelli, Snoqualmie, Washington
4.00 Pounds.  Not as aromatic.  Very sweet.

5. 1985 Late Harvest Riesling, Blackwood Canyon, Washington
“Washington’s dirtiest winemaker.”  Inside of car tube nose.  Very sweet on the tip of the tongue, bad mid taste, no aftertaste.  Only bearable with a lot of air-suck.

6. 1988 Pinot Meunier, The Eyrie Vineyard, Oregon
Only 70 cases.  Very musty old, quite ruby red not much depth of color.  Old fish tatse, dirty rubber.  Was this the “corked” one[?]

7. 1986 Pinot Noir, Salishan, Washington
[#7 and #8 tasted as pair.]  Teeny tannin up front, nose is better on this.  Red with much brown, more translucent orange.  Acid is low.

8. 1989 Pinot Noir, Adelsheim, Oregon
Raw meat nose, “Peculiar” single nose.  “Balls”

9. 1989 Merlot, Arbor Crest, Washington
Musty taste.  Homogenous ruby red has disagreable aftertaste.  More mature than #10.

10. 1985 Cabernet Sauvignon, Quilceda Creek, Washington
500 cases.  Deep dark color.  Really dry, extremely tannic.  Last vintage made so tannic.  This one has too much tannin.

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